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A Fresh Take on Tradition

At Hakumai Sushi & Omakase, we love Japanese food as much as you do. From Niigata Perfecture’s koshi rice to Tsukiji Market’s seasonal seafood, every ingredient is imported from the motherland. We treat our guests like family and we’re home to a highly skilled yet down-to-earth team. Our chef commands over two decades of experience in haute Japanese cuisine and is renowned for his authentic omakase and creative culinary expressions. Experience a new interpretation of fundamentalist Japanese cuisine.

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Translating to "entrust", Omakase involves leaving the menu selection entirely to the chef.

The preferred choice in haute Japanese cuisine, guests are presented with a tasting menu comprising the freshest and best in season, as well as the chef's signature dishes.

Hakumai features a Lunch Set and Omakase menu with various options to cater to guests' appetities. We kindly request for all guests to highlight any dietary allergies to the service crew or resident-chef prior to starting the Omakase.




Starring at the forefront of Hakumai is Chef Gary Ng. With his forte in sushi and sashimi, Chef Gary’s dishes are epicurean expressions of his delicate techniques and craftsmanship honed over two decades of culinary practice.


With five years of pupilage under the renowned Japanese Itamae chef Nogawa, Chef Gary mastered the art of pressing sushi and creating ingredients and sauces from scratch. Later, Chef Gary underwent another five years of training by Japanese master Nakasei-San as a sushi chef at Nakasei. It was then he mastered the skills of preparing sushi and the art of keeping fish fresh.

Chef Gary takes pride in keeping true to the revered tradition of haute Japanese cuisine but brings with him an additional element of originality. His creative culinary twists have led to the creation of the ever-popular Aka Ebi Foie Gras Sushi a.k.a. Giant Sweet Prawn with Goose Liver Sushi and the Truffle Chawanmushi which have become guests’ favourites.


The cult following that Chef Gary has commanded is testament to his expert culinary skills and humble personality. True to the Japanese way of service, Chef Gary never fails to entertain with his cheeky Singaporean banter. Yet, he is serious in his passion to educate his guests on how the dishes are prepared and the proper way to enjoy each dish. With Chef Gary at the helm, Hakumai promises guests a luxurious serving of premium and authentic dishes in a fuss-free dining experience that makes everyone feel right at home.

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